Things are Hard now…

My love, things are hard for you right now.
It feels like you’ll never get a break and the dark cloud that feels like it is constantly looming over you threatens to drop heavy drops on your head at any minute.
I know it feels like there is more bad than good and more pain than not.
I know that some days you don’t know how it can all be this hard, you can’t even begin to comprehend how people live like this day after day.
I know, that you are in pain, real strong emotional pain that hurts so deeply that it’s almost a physical pain that sears right through your body.
It feels like your soul has been shattered into tiny pieces and thrown into oncoming traffic, then washed down the gutter and then back to you to try and reconstruct every sharp piece.
My love, things are just too hard. It doesn’t just feel to hard for you now, it is too hard. I know your heart hurts, and your mind is tired from the constant chasing of thoughts. And even when you feel like you have finally caught up to them, they slip through your fingers just as you feel like you finally grasped them.
The frustration of watching them slide through, sears lines in the palms of your hands and eats at you incessantly.
I know that those tears of despair overflow you. Your fear that they will constantly flow until you feel like there are just no more is almost too much to bare.

But my love those tears will fall, because you hurt. And that is okay. We hurt. We all hurt. 

Because sometimes things are hard.
One day you will get a break, those dark clouds will part and allow one single small beam of love through those clouds and onto your smiling face.
The bad will stop and be replaced with unrealised happiness, and even if short lived it will be worth it because you will know that you cannot be happy all the time.
Because my love without sadness there can be no true happiness.
People live for those days, strive for those days. And day after day they will battle against the odds, to feel fleeting never lasting moments of pure joy, pure love, pure unadulterated bliss.
Your soul, will heal, it heals every time it shatters, it heals every time it’s bruised and every time it heals it; becomes this better version of itself, making you better, braver and stronger than you ever were.
The pain that sears through you will dull, to allow you to be you, your body will replenish when you are ready and never before.
Your mind won’t always tire so fast; your lessons in life,  your own knowledge from being in despair and in complete sadness will bring you empathy for others.
It will bring you a world of feeling towards everything that exists, towards things you can’t even begin to know yet, because you still have so much life to live.
Those thoughts you chase so constantly, those ones that slip through your fingers?
You will catch them and they will become part of a bigger being, they will fuel your mind with conversations and answers to questions from people who are where you once were.

But my love, those tears? Those Tears will always fall because we all hurt, and that is okay. It isokay to cry, it is okay to fall,  it is okay to allow others to carry you, your heart and soul back up again.
Because life is hard right now, but with each step, with each shatter, with each stab of pain and every tear, your story is being written, your world, your very “ness” is being created, and that right there is magic.
And so my love, allow the tears to change you and make your story a good one.