Why Our Rights Won’t Keep Us Safe

I have a right to be safe when I’m out.“

Yeah you do, in the same way any person does.

What does having rights mean anyway?

Rights in the same way; the children in third world countries have a right to an education, yet 70 million of them go without one.
In the same way; children have the right to be safe in bed yet 800,000 of them are sold into sex slavery every single year.
In the same way; the families of Syria have a right to safety, warmth and food before burying their last child who starved of famine.

Having a right, doesn’t make it so.

We need to change the conversation from “I shouldn’t have to keep myself safe when I’m  out on the streets” or “I have a right to be safe where ever I am” as though it’s going to keep us safe.

Yes, as discussed, yeah, you do, you do have that right.
But rights are like butts and every bodies got one.

Assuming you are safe because of comments like these, makes me feel uncomfortable. It makes me worry that we don’t promote personal safety enough. We can not control the actions of others.

I feel as though these comments are not promoting safety.
They promote a sense of safety where there isn’t some..
I find them wasted in a time where womens safety is one of the most debated topics of 2018, in a time where women are some of the un-safest people on the planet.
Wasted in a time where women die every week at the hands of the men they love (or don’t).

Why are these kinds of comments a waste?
Because this is our reality now.
We are not safe just because ‘everyone’ says we are, or that we should be.
It IS our responsibility to keep ourselves safe, because despite that right we do have to be safe, we’re still being raped and murdered.

And yes, we can educate our kids; our boys on respecting women, our girls on how to be treated well, to thread our keys through our fingers, to fight to scream, to scratch and to hit.

But often enough not even those things stop us from being raped and murdered.

We can educate our boys and teach them all we can to respect women, and oh we know those good wholesome families will.
But I can bet you one million dollars that many of these “men”, these rapists and murderers, come from good wholesome families where respect for women was taught, where the boy was once a loving son, and no one can believe he would ever do such a horrible act… (see Brock Turner…and any other rapist that got off with a smack on the bum. )

But what can we do?
We can educate our girls to keep safe, to not walk alone, to talk on the phone to their friends.
We can educate them till we are blue in the faces, but the truth is; we cannot stop the bad people, we cannot control who they are, or what they do.
It’s not only about teaching our men, it’s not only about teaching our girls but it is about accepting that there really is evil in the world, and that will never change.

We have to take control of our own personal responsibility and safety because no one else cares for us as much as we do. 

While safety is a right we all have, it will never be a promise that we can all trust.

Look out for your fellow woman, man and child, because that’s all we got.

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