About me:

Hey fellow humans, I’m Antanika Holton.

This is my about me page, welcome.
I asked my friend Camille, “What do you like to see on a website, and she said “Well, I wanna know who I’m reading about so I can decide if I wanna drink their cool-aid.” 

So, heres a cup… fill it all the way or only half and sip on my cool-aid.

I’ve been writing since June 21, 2015 originally under the name of Adjust Remembered where I wrote of my childhood trauma and healing, I suffered all my life because of the trauma, however, I did a lot of soul searching, therapy and Psychedelics to get me here.
Adjust Remembered was my little Trauma baby, one that I delivered out into the world, helped it grow and then eventually it left its home and here I am.
Depression, anxiety C-PTSD…free,  with a world of new interests and ideas. 

So here I am, stretching out into the world under my actual name like a big girl. A few things you might like to know about me:

Thats me…on the left…I grow a mean beard in Mo-vember.
  • I’m a mother, I have 3 children, two boys and a girl…(13, 7 and 6).
  • I have 2 dogs, 3 cats (one of them has 3 legs) and some chickens.
  • We don’t own a TV. Shock Horror. 
  • I get excited when my husband says “Lets take the bottle of Soda water to bed”.
  • My passions are reading, writing, psychology and Psychedelic Science. 
  • I like lists. 
  • A lot. 

So if you find yourself here, please respect the space I have created.
And if you like it, share it.
And a pre-warning;
Some articles and opinions of mine may be biased, as I am human.
Some things I might get wrong sometimes.
I also might make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
I may not always agree with you.
You may not always agree with me.
We are only human.
Use this space as a place to enjoy some discussion, ideas, and most of all enjoy all my words have to offer.